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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

A Call for support!! We need your Assistance! Please Help!

December 7, 2010 by  
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Support Corpsman.com!

Support Corpsman.com!

Folks we need an “ASSIST” from YOU! Tis’ the month of December.  This is the month that we ask for your support, donations to Corpsman.com. This is the month where we outwardly ask for your help in supporting the site that has:

  • over 1,426 members in our forums
  • Updated Bibs which are much easier then logging into the Navy Advancement Website.
  • Help with any and all questions you might have
  • A weekly Netcast that has produced 98 shows!  We answer your questions, do interviews, and discuss the news
  • Advancement Results once released.
  • Support to Family Members, be it recruiting, or deployed members.
  • Quarterly Newsletter (27 issues Strong!)

Please think about helping us out.  To donate just click the link below.

Please help us help you. We could really use an assist.  I know there are plenty of you who use our site for many reasons.  So far this month we have had 5 donations.   Please help us out.  This is the only month where we hit the fundraising bandwagon hard.

Thank you for your support!

Da-Chief Corpsman.com

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