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Friday, June 21, 2024

Thank you to the following Friends of Corpsman.com for donating. Please donate today!

December 7, 2010 by  
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I want to thank the following folks who have donated to our site during the month of December.   We appreciate the support they have given during this our fundraising month. (December.)

Thank you

Thank you

Thanks to the following:

  • Tamara Sweezy
  • James Walker
  • Earnest Augustine
  • Bryan Fliegel
  • Amy Ury
  • Carol Dial
  • April Weisler
  • Douglas Whalen

We need your support folks to help us provide you the information you expect and need on Corpsman.com for the following year.

We are your place to get answers to the questions you have when you need the info.  We don’t wish-wash the info.  Sometimes it might not be what you want to hear, but it will be truthful and accurate.

Studying for advancement?  We provide the means and the resources for you to do your part for advancement.  We offer advice regularly as well about boards and evals/fitreps

C-School’s, A-School’s, Enlisting, we help with all.. We give you the “TRUTH”.  (Sometimes so that recruiters really dislike us, but most of the time we help you understand where they are coming from as well.)

We have produced 98 Podcasts with news, interviews and info that supports all things “DOC”.  We are going to be taping our “100th” episode next week.

We have forums that have 1400+ members who ask questions or answer them daily.

All of this is not free though, so once a year we ask for your support.  Please join the 8 folks who have already donated.  Help us meet our fundraising goals.   Click the link below.

If you don’t feel comfortable using Paypal but would like to donate, please email me @ admin1@corpsman.com and I will send you our address.

Please help us help you,


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