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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Happy New Year, What the party is over? NO!

Happy New year

Happy New Year

What? You thought I would post on the 1’st of the year?

Sorry no, I was out enjoying the season with my family, who unfortunately got whacked with  a stomach virus the day before Christmas eve then made its way though the family.  I’m at the tail end of this bug and got nailed yesterday and today.  I was the last though so tomorrow will most likely be better.

Just wanted to drop you a note though, and let you know we haven’t just been on holiday since you all have been on leave.  We have upgraded the front end of Corpsman.com, if you didn’t notice, that means we did our job correctly. 🙂

Vbulletin 4.0

Our next big upgrade is our forums.  This is going to be a “MAJOR” process as we bought the new version of Vbulletin a year ago but never upgraded to it due to stability issues.  I believe for the most part these have been ironed out and we will be pulling the trigger pretty soon.  Unfortunately for us, our template that we use most likely won’t work after the upgrade, so it will be generic for a bit.  The good news is the posts won’t be lost, or accounts, it looks to be pretty stable.

Corpsman.com is also going to add a few more volunteers who will be in charge of certain groups and chats.  The first will be a once a month (To start) chat in our forums chat room for “Vietnam” era Doc’s and Vets.  One of the questions/Comments I get regularly is that Doc’s who served in the Vietnam War while they support the Doc’s of today really want a place to communicate with Doc’s from their era.  We are going to support them.

If you would like to host an area on our site, for families, Entertainment, anything, let me know and we can work something out.

Our last show of AOTC in 2010 was AOTC #100.  It was a fitting way to close out the year taping our 100th episode.  We will be taping #101 next Tuesday Night @ 2130 EST. I am going to be fiddling with our video hosting again as well.  The reason being, while I like Justin.tv, due to our upload speed here at Corpsman.com Central.  I will be doing beta testing on Stickam, as well as USTREAM in the next few days when my kids are at school.  So look for us next Tuesday night!

I hope you like the new updates on our front page.  We have added twitter etc so you can see any communication from our site to folks who follow us on twitter.  If you want to add us to your twitter account, add “http://twitter.com/corpsman_com “. You can also call us or leave us a voice mail on our skype account @ (847)  693-7887 .  We will answer all questions on our podcast.

Please drop us a line, let us know how we can help you the Doc’s and families though out this New Year.

Last but not least….

A final “THANK YOU” to all who donated in December and helped us meet our goal.  It is much appreciated, and truth be told I hate asking, good news I don’t have to do it again until next December.  Hah!

Happy New Year Everyone!


2 Responses to “Happy New Year, What the party is over? NO!”
  1. DanM says:

    The chat room has been availible,but only on rare occassions has anyone used it in the last year.

  2. Da_Chief says:

    Dan I agree, but I think there is confusion with the room with some of the newer folks. I think it will be kinda cool for folks to utilize it for Vietnam era get together or even study sessions.nnI’m making a concerted effort as well as Tony and Indy to get things upgraded and get the word out to everyone. nnLet 8404 know inside the forums if you want to help out.. He basically runs (With Indy) all the stuff in there, I handle out here.. nnThanks for the input!