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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Happy New Year, What the party is over? NO!

What? You thought I would post on the 1’st of the year? Sorry no, I was out enjoying the season with my family, who unfortunately got whacked with  a stomach virus the day before Christmas eve then made its way though the family.  I’m at the tail end of this bug and got nailed yesterday […]

Thank you for your Donation to Corpsman.com

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We want to thank you for your donation to “CORPSMAN.COM”. We value your support by helping us keep the lights on for another year! Many Doc’s will have a positive impact from our site due to your help. Once again, Thank you Da-Chief Corpsman.com Tweet

Corpsman.com: It’s that time of the month again… Please Donate to Corpsman.com

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Get your minds out of the gutter people!! Nope it’s that time of the month where I ask for donations for our site. If you like what we provide (3266 of you seem to!) how about donating to our site to keep it up and as great as it is, but also make changes when […]

Thanks to the following People, and please help support Corpsman.com PLEASE READ!!

08 July 2009 Happy Wednesday, (Two days Closer to Friday then Monday!) The Bibs are now up and current on hospitalcorpsman.org. While we have had the bibs for sometime on our site corpsman.com, most folks look on hospitalcorpsman.org as it has traditionally had them. CrazyCajun has been upgraded on his software suite, and is getting […]

Medical Mission to Nigeria, Africa

Hey everyone! I wouldn’t ask this unless I needed your help.  Not for Corpsman.com but for a medical mission in Africa. My wife who is a RN, will be going to Africa, January 2nd 2009 for 2 weeks to volunteer her time for health care in Nigera, Africa. To do this, we need to raise […]