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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Da-Chief Rant & Corpsman.com Back up and on it’s feet..

Users can sometimes cheese me off!

Corpsman.com is back up and fully functional. We shut down on Friday PM to clean our site as it had been hacked.

I want to thank those of you with patience. Those of you who wrote me and attacked me like I wanted my site to be hacked and how dare i have a hacked site etc.. Can Kiss my……

I spent over 250.00 out of my pocket for a site that is free to all users. I don’t charge a cent to use the site. In the last week I have spent over 400.00 to keep this from happening again, the only money we receive is from donations on the link on our front page, and I don’t even push that..

(If you want to though you can donate!) 🙂

I realize it was only 2 people but it really cheezed me off.

Anyways, the site is clean, and has been scrubbed. Everything works and is much faster. All databases are scrubbed and old code has been deleted or archived.

Come visit.
http://corpsman.com/ (Front Page)
http://corpsman.com/forums (The Forums.)

If you want to donate to help off set costs you can hit the donate button on the front page, but it is not required.

Thanks everyone!!!

Podcast coming this week!! Yeah!!


I want to thanks http://www.wpsecuritylock.com/services/wordpress-malware-removal-and-restoration/ for helping us out so quickly..

Thank you wpsecuritylock!!


One Response to “Da-Chief Rant & Corpsman.com Back up and on it’s feet..”
  1. grandle says:

    Handled your request just minutes ago through PayPal….Keep up the good work Chief…
    Semper Fi