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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

It’s that Time of year.. Please Donate to help Support Corpsman.com!

Attack of Da-Chief, Corpsman.com Netcast

It’s December.

I promised last year that I would not solicit for donations for the entire year until the next December.

I want you all to understand, that Corpsman.com is free to all users, I don’t charge a cent to anyone to use our site and its resources.


Once a year during the month of December, I do solicit for donations.  The Donations go towards the upkeep of the site (Hosting, licenses, equipment, and technical support like 2 weeks ago).

So if you would like to give to Corpsman.com and help us out please go to:

http://corpsman.com  and click on the donate button.  (Over there to the right-click the Donate Button!—->>


Every bit helps us out during the year.

Thanks in advance for your donations.

On another note, I upgraded our forums today, all of our software is current and up to snuff.

Happy Holidays, Podcast on Monday 26 December 2011, time TBD, Depends if i can wrangle 8404 to help me out.

Happy Holidays everyone..



2 Responses to “It’s that Time of year.. Please Donate to help Support Corpsman.com!”
  1. Greatgundogs says:

    Sorry to bother you…not sure where this post goes.I think maybe I might know a Doc that’s missing from VN 66-67 memorial.How do you send the info and to whom?

  2. Greatgundogs says:

    Never mind…I went back and looked yet another time.Soeey for the bother,I just didn’t want anyone that I know of to be missed.