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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Tis the Season!!!

Well, one of them anyway 🙂 A big congratulations go out to all those who found out that they were selected for Chief Petty Officer today – a day that marks a transition that will never be forgotten… Enjoy the day, catch your breath, and then jump in with both feet! HMC – Chief Hospital […]

Quota’s for Chief Petty Officer (CPO) FY10 Active, Reserve & FTS

Good Luck to everyone!! Thanks to HM1 Jones for updating the numbers for Reserve and FTS!! ………………Board Eligible:                      ECM Selected Quota                                   ECM OPP% ACTIVE:          1248                                             296                                                              23.72% FTS:                    81                                                 20                                                                 24.69% RESERVE         177                                              100                                                              56.49% I hate that the Reserves never put out a finished product like the A/D.. It looks like a Bag of ASS!  All […]

Computer Based Training and NHCS. A Chief’s View, How we did it, and how it was fixed.

June 17, 2009 by  
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A bit of history. As many of you know, I was a instructor at Naval Hospital Corps School from 2004-2007 upon my retirement.  During this time, we were on the leading edge of initiating a Computer Based Training Curriculum for all of Naval Hospital Corps School.  I will go into the positives and negatives that […]

CPO’s are Born Today!!

I was privileged today to attend the pinning ceremony of our newest Chief Petty Officers for the Naval Station Great Lakes. Out of 39 who were pinned, 11 were newly minted “HMC’s”. I wish to congratulate all the New Chief Petty Officers and list the HMC’s who were pinned; HMC(SW/AW) Julie Arp HMC(FMF) Donald Dumas […]

If you’re a CPO, Please join our Forums!!

August 3, 2008 by  
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Calling all CPO’s!! Calling all CHIEF’S!! Please join our forums, just hit the scuttlebutt forums link above.  Once you have joined, drop “Da-Chief” a Private message giving me the most important date in your life.. And I will give you special, top secret, double Jeapordy access.. 🙂 We will allocate space for your Mess during […]