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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Happy 113’th Hospital Corpsman!! June 17th 113 years strong!

  Happy Birthday Doc’s! Happy Birthday Hospital Corpsmen!! 113 years Strong!! New School, same old Doc’s.. Proud of you all.. BZ!! Da-Chief Corpsman.com Tweet

Hospital Corps Birthday, Happy Birthday to Doc’s (US!) Happy Birthday to me (US!) Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday.. (Oh you get the pic!)

Happy Birthday Doc’s!! Hospital Corpsmen!! You all are my Heroes, the unsung Heroes who are the bastard step-children of all services. Soldiers and Marines motto: Kill em all and lot God sort em out! Our Motto, “Sorry Mates, We gotta Save em all!”. Semper Gumby Doc’s! Da-Chief & CrazyCajun, DeeDee, 8404, Indy, Doc_D, IDC-Wife, Doc […]

Happy Birthday to the one and only Navy Hospital Corps! Happy B-day Doc’s!

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Happy 111’th Birthday to the United States Navy Hospital Corps! Uhh-Rahh!–Corpsman.com! Tweet

Happy Birthday Devil Doc’s!!! 110 Years Strong!! 17 June 2008

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Happy Birthday Brothers and Sisters!! 110 Outstanding years. Enjoy the date knowing you’re in the best rate of the US Navy. You can Sponsor a Corpsman.com Netcast (recorded Live on Tuesday Nights 2200 EST) for 25.00 and will get credit for it in the Netcast. Please just hit the “DONATE” button on the top of […]