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Friday, June 21, 2024

Shift Colors, Fall 2010 Edition, and News as to how to receive it. (UPDATE)

One of our earliest posts on this site was about the “SHIFT COLORS” magazine that used to be sent out to Retiree’s.   I also posted the “PDF” of the file as well on our site as I had received permission from BUPERS. I used to get mine in the mail as I am sure […]

“SHIFT COLORS” The Newsletter for Navy Retiree’s.. (Good info for Vets as well!)

“I AM DELETING THE POSTS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION THAT HAVE CHANGE OF ADDRESS’S, We do not publish this Magazine.  Please read the .pdf file it lists where to make address changes we have also listed it below. Need to change your address for Shift Colors? If you are receiving retirement pay or benefits from […]