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Friday, June 21, 2024

Air Force Medics??

Well I just spent the last 45 minutes to a hour searching for Air Force Medics doing their thing in Combat, either in Iraq, or Afghanistan.

What did I find??


I was on af.mil, searched for “MEDIC” as the keyword in their photo area.  What did I get?


When I did get a pic of a Medic, it was usually taking care of some sim-man etc..

WTF Air Force?  Your not promoting your best specialty, the Air Force Medic!!

Now I know they are out there putting their keesters in harms way, but it seems th “O’s” like the limelight.

That being said, if your a Air Force Medic, and you have some pictures  you want to share, please contact me @ admin1@corpsman.com .   We will get to you asap and get you involved.  We want your stories as well.

Hope to hear from ya..

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