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Thursday, June 13, 2024

SPC Monica Brown (MEDIC) , USA to be awarded Silver Star

This is awesome! I know there are more women out there that deserve these awards.  They put their lives on the line day in and day out.  They give the same type of care that a male does in the combat environment. I want to personally congratulate SPC Brown(MEDIC) US ARMY, on this prestigious award.  I for […]

Can’t get the Bib’s on the Navy Advancement Website? BIB’s for CPO, and E-6 and Below are all UPDATED here!!

So you want to log in and get your Bib’s off the Navy Advancement website.. You try to log in.. First.. “WHAT’s MY DAMN USER NAME???” OMFG!! What the heck was my 14 Digit PW? I know I wrote it all down here somewhere? What I had to change it after 90 days?  OMG!! I’m […]

Army Spc. Shannon Chihuahua (Medic) KIA 12 November 2010 in Afghanistan

November 16, 2010 by  
Filed under Army News, Corpsman.com News

It is with regret to hear of another fallen medic. We at Corpsman.com extend our heartfelt condolences and prayers to the Chihuahua family, friends, and fellow Soldiers. Words cannot adequately describe the loss, a medic feels upon hearing the news of a fallen medic. Army Specialist Shannon Chihuahua, paid the ultimate sacrifice and will never […]

AOTC #95 “The Nations Yacht Club Birthday” Happy Birthday USN!

Yeah it’s taken me a while, for this I apologize. I could not plan for the crud, picking off my kids one after another this week, finally hit Court today.  Gads.. This episode is sponsored by the “VAMortagageCenter.COM”  Please click the links on our site if your looking into using your VA benifits to purchase […]

TRAIN OUR JUNIOR DOC’S! Don’t stick em in ADMIN Positions! SOAPBOX TIME!

Out of the Woodwork came Doc’s from all over to help one Deploying Doc, Thank you! Thanks to all who heard the call yesterday and came on our forums or left comments for the Doc who just found out he was deploying to Afghanistan. It’s not that he was scared of the deployment for himself, […]

Oh Shi-, Help! (Corpsman.com Forums Post)

I am publishing this post as it was asked on our forums.  It’s a good question, and SpykeCOD has received some valuable advice from his shipmates and those who have deployed before him. Here’s the question: Good Afternoon from US Naval Hospital Guam, Today I was pulled into my Chief’s room to be told I’ve […]

David A. Jefferson, MEDIC, US ARMY KIA 02 JULY 2010

Corpsman.com mourns the loss of a fellow “DOC Hero” lost in Afghanistan.  Our Prayers and thoughts go out to his fellow Soldiers, family, and friends. Leave a condolence message in the comments below.  Remember family members regularly visit our site and read them. The body of Army Pfc. David A. Jefferson arrived Sunday evening at […]


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) – Colleagues and relatives of a Fort Campbell medic who died last week in Afghanistan said he was dedicated to helping others on the battlefield. Pfc. Jonathan David Hall, 23, died April 8 from wounds suffered a day earlier when his vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb in eastern Afghanistan. Hall […]

Spc. Damon G. Winkleman–Medic– Killed in Afghanistan 20 Sept 2009

September 23, 2009 by  
Filed under Corpsman.com News

SPC Winkleman was a Combat Medic serving in Afghanistan.  The rollover was not due to direct enemy contact, a investigation is underway. Our hearts and prayers go out to SPC Winkleman’s family and fellow Soldiers and friends.–D/C Two Fort Bragg paratroopers were killed Sunday in a vehicle accident in Afghanistan, the Department of Defense announced […]

Looking for a “Experienced” 68W who would like to be involved with Corpsman.com.

We are looking for a 68W with at least 7-10 years of service who would like to be involved with Corpsman.com. We are not neglecting our Army bretheran, it’s really just the issue that the majority of us are “Corpsman” or are related to HM”s. We want to have more info for our Army Medic’s […]

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