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Saturday, May 25, 2024


April 21, 2008 by  
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Well one thing about running a site like this you always are on a learning curve.

Sunday night I taped (Or tried to!) a netcast that went for about a hour. I put out a lot of Navy info as well as information about the new Corpsman.com 3.0 upgrade.

Or so I thought…..

It seems talkshoe’s servers burped, hiccuped and basically said, “Da-Chief.. get lost!!”

So what I thought was 1 hour of of a nice netcast, we got a mess.

So ever on our game here, I will br re-taping the netcast again this AM after I drop off my kids at school. You should be able to download it off Talkshoe this PM or on our site. Today I will have a Co-host discussing the topics of the day and messages with 0311. He will be joining me from Las-Vegas. I think a netcast like this is much better if you have a Co-host.

I will be looking for a permanent co-host so you get used to a regular team for our program. Today is 0311’s shot and I hope you give us a shot with your valuable time.

Things on tap this week

  • This is Earthweek. Think about your normal habits. With Gas as expensive as it is, Electricity going through the roof etc. What can you do to help your situation and conserve as well?
  • Election in PA. Have you been watching the wacky stuff going on up there? Because of this, we will be holding our regular weekly chat on Wednesday night Vs. Tuesday (Same Bat time!) due to the election results. Truth be told I am a “Politics Junky” and will be glued to MSNBC on Tuesday night. So Chat will be on Wednesday Evening from 2100-2300 EST.
  • We need your submissions for the April newsletter. We need submissions!! If you have any please email them to DeeDee @ editor@corpsman.com .

Thats is for today! I can’t believe I beat 8404 this morning. He usually is up around 0600, I was up @ 0400 due to my wife going into work early. Thought I would get a jump on the day and get my article out as well. I am now writing this with a cup of joe (McDonalds) while watching “Morning Joe” on MSNBC. (you have to watch this how, it’s awesome!!
Go and Seize the Day!

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