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Friday, June 21, 2024

Looking for a “FOIL”

Spring Colds, I hate em. I am been stricken with one for the last 4 days.

Yeah I was a Vet of 24 Years. I have served as a Doc with the Marines, 2 Navy Squadrons and many other billets..

But a cold makes me a boob…

Anyways, heres to hoping I feel better tomorrow.

On to business. I am looking for a co-host for a weekly show with me for Corpsman.com. The Details:

Show will be produced weekly.
You must have a “SKYPE” account
You must be a Vet/ Doc of the Navy, Army, Coast Guard, or Air Force.
If your a Vet, you must have had a Honorable Discharge.
Must have done at least 2 operational deployments
Have a strong desire to help your fellow Doc’s.

If your interested, please do the following, you have to follow the instructions to the “T”.

Send me a Email to include:
Name, Age, When you served, What Service, Discharge Status, A 60 second Digital recording (.mp3 or .wav) telling me about yourself and why you want to be a part of this project.
Why am I asking / Looking for someone? While I have done 18 shows now by myself, the show would flow a lot better with a partner online.

There is no money in this. You would be doing this just for knowing your putting out info to your fellow Doc’s.

Send all submissions to admin1@corpsman.com


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