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Saturday, May 25, 2024

We Need Stories—From YOU!!!

May 29, 2008 by  
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I wanted to ask for help from you all, and I am sure there are some aspiring writers out there who can help us out.

BUMED, Army Medicine, Air Force Medicine, and Coast Guard Medicine, are terrible at telling what you the “DOC’S” do. They like to write a bunch of “WONK” stories, and not about the day to day great jobs your all doing.

One of the reasons we created Corpsman.com was to have a outlet to do so. I am so proud of being a “DOC” as I am sure you or your family members are as well.

Lets hear about it!! Did you have a extraordinary surgical case you worked on? Did you see a fellow Doc help someone out through the goodness of their heart.

I have been writing about the rigors of war. The bad part of it, but I know there is 99% more good that we do. Lets here about it.

Please send submissions with pictures if you have them to Editor Corpsman.com. We will take a look ask questions etc of you and maybe clean it up, but you will have the final “OKAY” before it is posted.

All your works that are published here belong to “YOU” and will be credited to you.

Let’s show the Community how you or your command are helping out those we serve.

We have the biggest rate/MOS in all the services. Let’s show our pride!!

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