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Sunday, April 21, 2024

Army Field Manual 3.0

I apologize the link was broken on this post. It has now been fixed.  You can download the field manual at your hearts content. 🙂  –D/C

Well folks what has the world come to?

A squid writing articles for the Army!?!?!?

My brothers and sister medics out there are worth it though. I hope more of you come to our site, Corpsman.com, which started as a Navy Corpsman site but now is a site to take care of “DOC’S” from all services.

Help me out here, if you are a Army Medic and you want to help out on our site, email me as I am playing golf in 80 M.P.H. winds… (I actually did this in Hurricane Andrew.. great drives btw, but my putting game sucked..)

Army Field Manual Version 3.0

Enclosed in this article is the Army Field Manual version 3.0. Now knowing the Marine Corps as I have served with them, I would bet this is the “BIBLE” for you Army folks. I would also bet Advancements are hinged on you knowing this thing.

With that, I want all Doc’s to advance if they do the work, I give you the Army Field Manual.

This link will also be housed over in our Ships Library once it is set up. Yeah the Navy still hauls the army around.

Good Luck and Good Reading.

You can comment on this manual or ask questions of the staff in our Scuttlebutt Forums.

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One Response to “Army Field Manual 3.0”
  1. “The Navy still hauls the Army around” – I'm glad everyone still knows how to cooperate.