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Friday, June 21, 2024

#39 Attack of Da-Chief FINAL & something new, 411 Info

Download Attack of Da-Chief here:  AOTC #39

Due to unforseen events (I.e one mother of a storm) our show was cut short due to a power outage on Tuesday night.  The recording is not at its usual best in that I had to recover the recording Talkshoe had to post for our netcast.

It is listenable though, and other then it just “STOPPING” at the end, there is a lot of good info out there for you all.
We will be back next Wednesday night @ 2100 EST for “AOTC #40”.

For those of  you who want to listen to thier military news, I will be doing a daily 5-10 minute Corpsman.com 411 show to pass the latest info and gouge in the military.

This will usually be recorded Mon-Thurs @ 1430 CST Live.

Hope you enjoy!



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