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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Things change, but they stay in the family

In 2004, I was privileged to be given the Corpsman.com domain to work with from a former Doc.  His life’s journey had taken him off to do other things.  It was a gift of a lifetime for me. I love my rate in which I served for 24 years in the GREATEST NAVY in the […]

AOTC #104 “PSY-OPS” is up and final!! Enjoy!!

We taped AOTC #104 today titled “Psy-Ops”. Hosts:  Da-Chief & 8404 ShowNotes: AOTC104 “Psy-Ops” Show Notes This show was fun, the system had been reformatted, just have to work on the camera view.  It’s true the camera does add weight to your face. 🙂   Enjoy!!! Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 45:27 […]

AOTC #102 “So you wanna be a PA eh?”–FINAL

All caught up after this.. This is Episode #102 taped on 20 January 2011. Hosts: Da-Chief & 8404 See you next Thursday for #103 @ 2130 EST! Interview: HMC(FMF) Raymond Collier “So you wanna be a PA eh?” Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:17:56 — 71.3MB)Tweet

So you want to be a PA? Listen to AOTC #102 Thursday Night @ 2130 EST!

AOTC #102 will be taped live on Thursday Night @ 2130 EST. We are moving the show to Thursdays, because I don’t have class on Thursdays, and 8404 is free that night as well. I have already taped our interview for the SMOTM (Service Member of the Month) tonight. Congrats to HMC Collier, who has […]

UPDATE: AOTC #101 Taped today (yeah late) at 1400, you can watch it here!

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UPDATE: Pushing to 1400. You can watch as we tape below.  Join in on the chat and ask us questions. Or you can call us @ (847) 693-7887. Oh Yeah.. GO BEARS! 🙂 Watch live video from corpsman_com on Justin.tv Tweet

AOTC#99 “Timpani Roll Please!”

Sorry for the late posting of Episode #99. This was taped in during hour “8” of our 16 hour telethon to support Corpsman.com. The Telethon was a lot of fun, but I don’t think I would tape a episode like this again in the middle of the extravaganza.. It is a lot of work and […]

AOTC#98, Support Corpsman.com in the Month of December!–Final

We only had 4 folks show up for the taping, but my stats show that 178 folks downloaded our netcast from last week.  This is awesome, I understand that everyone can’t be on when we tape, but you can download the podcast or listen to it here.   You can download it on ITUNES, Subscriber […]

AOTC #98 Thursday Night. Hope you will be there!

WHAT: Corpsman.com AOTC (Attack of Da-Chief) When: Thursday Night @ 2130 EST. Where: Corpsman.com here or on Justin.tv :  http://justin.tv/corpsman_com We will be discussing the news and anything that you the users of Corpsman.com bring up.  Email us your questions or attach a Audio clip to your message (mp3) and we will attempt to answer […]


For some reason the EMBED code is not working right now. For now though you can watch the video of AOTC here:  http://justin.tv/corpsman_com/b/274441032 Sorry this took so long, but have been really busy updating the site. This was taped on 15 November 2010. Hosts: Da-Chief & 8404 Title: Happy Birthday Marine! Shownotes: AOTC#96 Shownotes Our […]

Happy Birthday United States Marine Corps!! 235 Years Strong!

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Happy Birthday to our “Brothers, the United States Marine Corps” From your Doc’s! 10 Nov 1775 – 10 Nov 2010 235 Years Strong! UHH-RAH!! Leave a comment below saluting the finest “Land” (Hey what you expect?) fighting force in the world! Happy Birthday Tony! Da-Chief Corpsman.com Tweet

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