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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Army SNCO Advance Numbers for November 2008

The November promotion plan released in mid-Octo­ber will complete the 2007 sergeant major list, clearing the way for promotions to begin on the 2008 roster in December.
All total, there will be 6,183 promotions Nov. 1, which is about 1,600 fewer than October, but still the second-highest monthly total this year.
The November promotion plan displayed in senior NCO sequence numbers also will reduce the 2007 master sergeant list to only 58 names.
A new list containing the names 3,241 promotable sergeants first class was re­leased Oct. 2 and is avail­able for promotions when scheduled by the Army.
Promotions to sergeant first class will come from the 2008 list compiled last January, and is sched­uled to last until the 2009 list is released possible in
late February or early March.
There will be 5,036 pro­motions to the junior NCO ranks: 2,193 to staff sergeant, and 2,843 to sergeant.
These soldiers will come from a pool of 16,771 pro­motable sergeants and 16,276 promotable special­ists and corporals.

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