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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Special Netcast Wednesday Night (Tonight) 2100-2300 EST

Special webcast tonight on our regular night. We will be dicussing the merger between us (Corpsman.com) and HospitalCorpsman.org.

The owner of HospitalCorpsman.org and I will be giving the low down on what transpired and why the merge.

Guests: Jeremy Howell, 8404, DeeDee, PegasusHM, and quite possibly for his first time, Crazycajun, just to go over the technical side and explain how this will all work.

Start Time: 2100 EST on our Corpsman.com Live page using the “TALKSHOE” plugin.

Or you can go straight to Talkshoe.com and log into our show.

Remember all is free all you have to spend is the time to listen.

If you can’t make it to the live taping tonight,  you can download it off our live page about a hour after the taping and also subscribe to us on “I-TUNES”.
Hope to see you tonight!


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