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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

hospitalcorpsman.org and other updates..

Greetings Mates! Just wanted to touch on a few things.. I spoke with Chief Indy about getting the site (hospitalcorpsman.org) back up.  It essentially became his baby about a year ago. Since then a few things have happened. — I switched servers which fubarred everything up. — Indy moved from Great Lakes to San Antonio […]

Can’t get the Bib’s on the Navy Advancement Website? BIB’s for CPO, and E-6 and Below are all UPDATED here!!

So you want to log in and get your Bib’s off the Navy Advancement website.. You try to log in.. First.. “WHAT’s MY DAMN USER NAME???” OMFG!! What the heck was my 14 Digit PW? I know I wrote it all down here somewhere? What I had to change it after 90 days?  OMG!! I’m […]

Special Netcast Wednesday Night (Tonight) 2100-2300 EST

Special webcast tonight on our regular night. We will be dicussing the merger between us (Corpsman.com) and HospitalCorpsman.org. The owner of HospitalCorpsman.org and I will be giving the low down on what transpired and why the merge. Guests: Jeremy Howell, 8404, DeeDee, PegasusHM, and quite possibly for his first time, Crazycajun, just to go over […]

Hospitalcorpsman.org and Corpsman.com Merge

PRESS RELEASE: CORPSMAN.COM, GREAT LAKES, IL We are merging with the awesome study site, hospitalcorpsman.org.  I am purchasing the site due to a conflict of interest with the original owner.  We are taking it over to keep the same level of care that ENS Howell has always showed to his fellow Enlisted Shipmates. I want […]