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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Whats Up with Corpsman.com?

January 19, 2009 by  
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Greetings everyone!

I wanted to drop a few lines about what is going on and what has been going on with Corpsman.com.

First of all I want to thank a few folks who have kept this place running the last few weeks, I will explain why after I thank them..

BZ to 8404, HMC-FMF-PJ, CaZyCaJuN, DeeDee, PegasusHM, Doc_D, and others I may have not mentioned. You have helped keep the lights on as I was out of the loop.

You see the worst thing that can happen to a person who works on a site and on Computers is to have them hurt their back. I threw mine out 2 weeks ago bending over helping my son put his shirt on. Yep, Just bending over. Wimpy I’m sure but painful no less.

It is damn near impossible to sit in front of a computer and do work, I did as much as I could from my I-Phone, but I missed alot. That and the meds I was on were not conducive to thinking straight 5 minutes or more at a time..

All of that is in the past now, So I am back up and working and answering messages addressed to me. I went through 207 of em yesterday to get caught up. (YEOW!!) I am sorry for the lateness of the response, I hope you understand.

Ok, the self-deprication is over, .

There are a few upgrades coming down the pike.. We have a big upgrade coming to our Forums. We will be upgrading to 3.8, it has a few changes which I will post as soon as we make the upgrade, this may go down today.

We also will be upgrading our front page and will be continuing to upgrade ouir hospitalcorpsman.org site to better fit your needs.

We are in negotiations to have regular contributors on our front page of corpsman.com with content written by them for you. These are folks who work in areas of the Navy, V.A. and just writers who would like to produce content with you. The ones on Active Duty I am requesting they contact thier COC prior to doing this though to keep them out of the Wringer. We just went through a upheavel with something, and we do “NOT” want to get folks in trouble. We also only want to put out accurate gouge.

One thing we won’t do though is play to the Armed Forces. What do I mean by that? I mean that “Editorially” if I see something wrong, or those of us who are “OUT” of the service see it, we will write about it. We are not the National Enquirer of the Navy etc.. but one thing about “ME” is if I think something is wrong, or “STUPID” I willl say so. I have always been this way, ask any CPO or shipmate that I have served with, this is not to say I don’t support the COC I do, but I now serve you, you are my command, and it would not be fair to you or me not to do this.

Folks though who are on A/D will not post Oppinions but will post facts etc. that support the Military. I don’t want them to get in trouble. The last thing I want is to have someone vent a oppinion and get in trouble for that. You have a different set of rules then i do and I respect that.

This is not to say I don’t want them on our team, I do.. There is a way to support Corpsman.com and your shipmates without getting Knee-deep in the quagmire, that is our job..

Last but not least. Tomorrow is a special day, no matter how you fell with the election, understand our country the “United States of America”, is doing something that many other countries in the world do not, we held peaceful, “FREE” elections and are and will celebrate the inauguration of the new President tomorrow.

Understand folks, If your on A/D you have a new Commander in Chief tomorrow. A new COC, if your coming up on a Board for I.e a JSOQ, or SOQ soon, this is always a trick question on the boards.. get the info ASAP! šŸ˜‰

Thats all for now, Stay Warm, Stay Save, and damn it, use good ergonomics helping your children get dressed.. It’s a dangerous world out there..

Darrell Da-Chief Crone
HMC(AW) USN (ret)

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One Response to “Whats Up with Corpsman.com?”
  1. DOC DAVE says:

    DA CHIEF…..

    It seems that the BACK seems to go out doing the routine things,,,,the PAIN is the same…..FEEL BETTER….Do you need a Corpsman? Plenty around this site!

    Khe Sanh….the 1968 TET battle siege that I took part in for 77 days was mentioned in President Obama's speech today………Makes us all PROUD.

    HM2 “DOC” Dave