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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

*Silver Star* FMF Doc saves 17!

This was written by “TheOneCalledDoc” in our Forums, he said it best, so with his permission, we are using it for the story.

HM2(FMF) Joshua Simson

HM2(FMF) Joshua Simson

HM2 Joshua Simson I salute you!

HM2 Simson was involved in a 7 hour firefight in Afghanistan around 2 summers ago. In those 7 hours Petty Officer Simson not only fought along side his Marines, he ran through fire multiple times to care for and even carry out fallen Marines. As some Doc’s often do, HM2 Simson feels he doesn’t deserve this prestigious award, “There were other guys, other Marines, other soldiers who were there that day who weren’t recognized who were just as brave. Their bravery spurred me on to action.”

It is unfortunate that our brothers in arms are often overlooked in these kinds of situations but 17 men during a several hour firefight rates the award. I remember those long days in the desert and I remember how a 10 minute firefight felt like 10 hours, I couldn’t imagine 7 hours of hell.

Check out the video http://news14.com/content/local_news…r/Default.aspx
I read it in the Navy Times: http://www.navytimes.com/news/2009/02/navy_silver_star_022809w/

Semper Fi HM2 Simson!

Semper Fidelis, Semper Fortis, Semper Frater
(Always Faithful, Always Courageous, Always Brothers)

Comment below, on what you think of HM2 Simson and his award.  BZ from us at Corpsman.com!


7 Responses to “*Silver Star* FMF Doc saves 17!”
  1. The One Called Doc says:

    I missed on of my typos in this article… Second sentence “Simons” is written needs to be “Simson.” Sorry for the dyslexia!

  2. The One Called Doc says:

    WOW… I really need someone to proof read my articles before they get posted. “As a some Doc’s often do”.. I turned it from “As a Doc often does” to “as some Docs often do” and forgot the “a”.

  3. Da-Chief says:

    Corrected and Done…
    Thanks The One Called Doc.

  4. The One Called Doc says:

    Wow your pretty fast…. For a chief….

  5. Da-Chief says:

    Oh your a wise-acre.. Go Paint something..

  6. LT C says:

    Simpson was my Corpsman. We sent him to Afghanistan as a HN and he is now an HM2. He also has his degree from Texas. He is the type of guy the Navy needs and I am glad to see him being rewarded.

  7. debra whitehead-rojas says:

    My son LT Rich  Anthony Whitehead USN just asked me to read over this article~~ Thank you Joshua Simson~~~ from One Proud Navy Mom to you and Yours~~ Blessings~~