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Monday, March 4, 2024

Sponsor a AOTC (Attack of Da-Chief) Netcast/Podcast for 1/2 Price!

25 June 2009

Some of our users have inquired on how to Sponsor a Netcast/Podcast.

Attack of Da-Chief, Corpsman.com Netcast

Attack of Da-Chief, Corpsman.com Netcast

It’s EASY!

Usually sponsoring a show costs $50.00 per show.  But for now, beggars can’t be choosers..


For this week only if you wish to sponsor a show, and you donate $25.00 to our site, You will get a show in your honor or whomever you want to sponsor the show for. (Ends Sunday 28 June 2009 @ 2400)

Say you have HM3 Sonny Or Daughter serving overseas, You can donate and send me a message to put in the show and do the show in their honor.

All you have to do is click any of our Paypal donate buttons on our site.  If I see $25.00 I will contact you ASAP to get your information you want passed.

If you can’t afford $25.00 we understand, any donation will also be reflected during the show as well with a thanks to you for your generous donation.

Listen to last week’s show and you can hear how we thanked those who donated this week.

So far we have 1 thank you for this week, helps us thank more..

Donate to Corpsman.com Today!

AOTC Tapes Sunday Mornings @ 1115 EST.  You can listen to the recording here: Corpsman.com Live

If you can’t make the taping but want to listen later you can download our Netcast/Podcast from ITUNES or Via RSS


Da-Chief Corpsman.com
Darrell Crone
Owner Corpsman.com


Email: hmc.crone@corpsman.com

Twitter: twitter.com/corpsman_com

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