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Saturday, December 9, 2023

I now know how to “TRAIN MY DRAGON”.

I saw the best movie of the year (At least so far!) last night with my family.

To say I’m surprised is a understatment.   I went in thinking this movie was going to stink, even my oldest daughter (10 years old) thought the same thing.

We both came out believers, and are now searching for dragons to train!! (That and a cool Viking Helmet!)

Click the link below to check out the trailer.  We saw it in 3D which was actually quite good.  They didn’t make it so stuff would purposely fly out at you etc, just kinda did it all “quiet”.

To think that anything could outdo AVATAR, is amazing, but Dreamworks did it.

Thumbs up, 5 Anchors etc.. Awesome flick check it out!

Go Hatch your own dragon.. 🙂

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