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Thursday, September 29, 2022

AOTC #97 “The Bird ain’t even cold and Da-Chief has his lights out!” Tuesday Night 2130 EST.

Happy Thanksgiving..

Happy Thanksgiving..

What a Title!! 🙂

Yup we are on live tonight prior to the big turkey feast!

AOTC #97 will be taped Tuesday night. http://justin.tv/corpsman_com Tony and I are already working on the show, and #96 which was already taped will go live today as well for download.

Our Podcast/Netcast is sponsored by Audible.  You can download a free audio book ataudiblepodcast.com/corpsman .  Get your free book today to listen to on your long drive to Grandmothers house this week.  You can use your IPHONE, IPOD, Computer, Android phone, and soon Windows Phone 7. The First book is free to try.  You support Corpsman.com by giving it a try!  We thank Audible for their support.

Have a safe holiday everyone, we hope to hear from you tomorrow night!!


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