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Friday, June 21, 2024

AOTC #97 Final Posted for your enjoyment… Enjoy!

Sorry this took a while to compile, but with Thanksgiving, Putting out lights on the tree’s etc.. You get the drift.. Anyways, here is AOTC #97.  8404 and myself had a good time on this show. We are taping again tomorrow night @ 2130 EST. (Thursday night this week!) Hope to hear or see you. […]

AOTC #97 “The Bird ain’t even cold and Da-Chief has his lights out!” Tuesday Night 2130 EST.

What a Title!! 🙂 Yup we are on live tonight prior to the big turkey feast! AOTC #97 will be taped Tuesday night. http://justin.tv/corpsman_com Tony and I are already working on the show, and #96 which was already taped will go live today as well for download. Our Podcast/Netcast is sponsored by Audible.  You can download […]