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Sunday, April 21, 2024

1st Annual Corpsman.com Telethon Wednesday 1000 till 0200 Thursday CST (08 Dec-09Dec), come watch and support our site!

Attack of Da-Chief Netcast

Attack of Da-Chief Telethon 2010!

You ever see the “CRAZY EDDIE” commercials?

Ever see one of those crazy Infomercials?

Well I will now be lumped into that category as I will do anything to support our site.

Starting tomorrow at 1000 CST, I will be filming live until 0200 CST on Thursday.

I will take requests, I will study with you if need be.. I will sing.. I will make drink’s live.. (Drink them of course as well), I will sing.. Hell, I’ll dance if I need to.

Just stop on by here or on http://justin.tv/corpsman_com and watch.  Join us!!

But please think about supporting us as well during the show..

I’m here for you, so please come and visit and support us..

Spread the word!!  Let’s see how many Doc’s we can get to come and watch tomorrow night!

I would love to hear from some of my old students etc..


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