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Monday, March 4, 2024


I am updating as fast as I get this new round of donations. I never thought it would go this quick! Thanks everyone!!–D/C And just like that we have met our goal!! I want to thank the last 3 folks who just donated to help us meet our goal: John Young Kevin Pannell Richard Canard […]

Merry Christmas from Corpsman.com to you and yours.

Merry Christmas From Corpsman.com Tweet

1st Annual Corpsman.com Telethon Wednesday 1000 till 0200 Thursday CST (08 Dec-09Dec), come watch and support our site!

You ever see the “CRAZY EDDIE” commercials? Ever see one of those crazy Infomercials? Well I will now be lumped into that category as I will do anything to support our site. Starting tomorrow at 1000 CST, I will be filming live until 0200 CST on Thursday. I will take requests, I will study with you […]

To all you Mothers, This Day’s for you! Happy Mothers Day!

To all the Mothers… This Day’s for you.. Enjoy!! (Doc’s please call your MOM’s.. This is a Hint from the Corpsman.com Network!) Have a GREAT day Mom! And “K” I love you! Da-Chief Tweet

We’re Back!! AOTC is back on Thursday Night 8:30 Central Standard Time

January 19, 2010 by  
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We’re Back! 8404 and myself will host 2010’s first AOTC this Thursday Night at 8:30 Central Standard Time. We might be trying USTREAM Vs. STICKAM, so please stay tuned.  I am trying to find which production handles our load on video etc. I would like to use USTREAM in that you can ask poll’s during […]

The Navy is Easy… Fatherhood, Being a Good Husband, Going to college, Now that’s WORK!

January 6, 2010 by  
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Sounds funny, it really does. If you would have told me this in 2007 I would have laughed you right out of my office.   I thought I knew everything about being a Dad, and adjusting to family life 24/7.. I was wrong. Everytime I think I have a grip on my life and what […]

Afghan Build up Info

The Surge of Marines, Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen to Afghanistan looks like it will take longer then originally thought out. It’s extremely hard to fight 2 wars at the same time and also stomp out fires all over the globe be it pirates or tsunami’s etc. The top U.S. military officer said Tuesday that he’s […]