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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Due to Lack of input Scuttlebutt News is Scuttled for 2010, or is it? It’s up to you…



21 December 2010

It is with sad regret that I announce there will be “NO” scuttlebutt news holiday edition this year.

We only had “1” submission and that was from 8404 for the newsletter.  Last year it was over 40 pages.  This year, 12 and all from content Myself, DeeDee & 8404 submitted.

Sad, I believe it is a sign of the times.  Look at what is going on in politics, society in general.  There is little if no brotherly love that has been in years past.

I am putting this on you the Corpsman.com Users.  If you want the newsletter this year, and plenty of you have told me you were looking forward to it, then please email me your submissions, pictures anything by 2400 on the 23’rd of December.  I will put it together this year.  Dee has worked too hard to have to do this last minute. I can do it..

I’m a Chief after all..

I hope you all can send me your Holiday wishes of good cheer, stories, what ever…

Email them to : admin1@corpsman.com .  I will put this together.. I can rebuild it, faster, Stronger.. (WITH CAT PICTURES TOO!) 🙂

Let’s show Dee that there is a Santa Clause.. She deserves it..



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