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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Updated(1038hrs 24Dec10): Help Corpsman.com meet our Goal, we are almost there!

help us help you

20 December 2010

We need your help.  The following folks have already stepped to the plate to help Corpsman.com meet its goal for the year 2011.
We are only

$72.01 (Updated 1038hrs 24 Dec 2010)

away from meeting our goal.  The bonus to this as well is  I get to stop asking for donations for 1 year once we reach our goal.
The only month we are asking for support now is in December.  This is our fundraising month for Corpsman.com to help us support the upcoming year.

During the month of December this year we have done quite a few things to help us achieve this goal.

  • Telethon
  • AOTC 98
  • AOTC99
  • AOTC100
  • Interviews with Stiggy’s Dogs, Doc Pardue, Citrus, Master Chief Ski, Wes Emch, and a few other folks.
  • Updated all Bib’s for studying
  • Updated hospitalcorpsman.org .
  • Countless updates in our forums.

This isn’t just a month of December event either, we do this every day of every month throughout the year.

Please donate by clicking this link:  DONATE TO CORPSMAN.COM TO SHUT DA-CHIEF UP!

Updated Posts today:

  1. Episode #99 of AOTC is posted: “Timpani Roll Please”
  2. Doc Pardue passes some valuable info on PTSD:  DOC Pardue is in Da-House!
  3. #100 of AOTC has been posted:  “Who Let the Dogs OUT?!”

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday Season.  We hope you continue to follow Corpsman.com and our shows.


Email: admin1@corpsman.com
Corpsman.com’s Phone ## Leave us a message for our shows! : (847) 693-7887 or search for me on Skype: “dfcrone”
Corpsman.com is on twitter: http://twitter.com/corpsman_com
Corpsman.com is on Facebook, search “Corpsman.com” for Group or page

Thanks to the following Folks who have donated, we will update the list as the donations come in.  We will also announce when we have met out goal:

  1. Renee Meade
  2. Wes Emch
  3. Caleb Meade
  4. DeeDee Reno
  5. HMC Rob Kloka
  6. Raymond Fuentez
  7. Debra Cline
  8. Zosimo Gaborni (RADAR)
  9. Amy Campbell
  10. Vicky Palma Ramey
  11. Timothy Bates
  12. Bob Silverman
  13. Kyle Murphy (Kaymanism)
  14. Kerry Pardue
  15. Amy Ury
  16. Danny Morse
  17. Paul Bohling
  18. John (Master Chief) Gobinski
  19. James Davey
  20. John Pilotte
  21. Danielle Destifino
  22. Tamara Burgess
  23. Miguel Acevedo (HMC!)
  24. Michael Cassidy
  25. Darwin Brooks
  26. Douglass Simpson
  27. Yik Wu
  28. Laura Hedien (HMCS)
  29. Tamra Sweezey
  30. James Walker
  31. Ernest Augustine
  32. Bryan Fliegel
  33. Carol Dial
  34. April Weisler
  35. Douglas Whalen
  36. Stephen King
  37. Sean Ramey (Corpsman.com Cups Auction)
  38. Kenneth Brownson
  39. Lawrence McTernan
  40. Jason Rodriguez (HMC, FMF)
  41. Michael Harms
  42. Michael LeBlanc
  43. Gregory Gatz
  44. Christine Madrigal
  45. John Young
  46. Brian Schmock
  47. Levi Hankins

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