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Sunday, April 21, 2024

AOTC #104 Sunday 4:00 PM EST

Corpsman.com on Ustream

I know, I know..

I say Thursday last week, but am going to tape on Sunday this week.

Truth be told, been busy updating my system.  The longest part of the whole ordeal was backing everything up prior to slicking the drive.

I know I tell everyone to back up all the time, I should take my own advice.

My back up of almost 300 Gig’s of stuff for our site took a bit of time as the entire backup was put up in the cloud.

Anyways.. Flash is working.. the whole rig is backup and working.

I hope to see you on Sunday afternoon for AOTC #104.


How about calling us and leave us a message or a question on our Corpsman.com Hotline @ (847) 693-7887 .

Or email us a question or comment to  admin1@corpsman.com .


2 Responses to “AOTC #104 Sunday 4:00 PM EST”
  1. Jsaxby57 says:

    Can you tell me how I can get news on the FMF Corpsman. I can’t seem to get news on them at all?? I will look forward to some responses!!

  2. Da_Chief says:

    What are you looking for? What information? Send me a list and I will go over it on the show.. email me @ admin1@corpsman.com . I need specifics though.nAlso you might want to join our forums as we have a buttload of FMF info in there..nnLook forward to hearing from you.