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Friday, June 21, 2024

If Government shuts down, Troops work, but no Pay

Having been through the Government shut down back in 1995, our clinic was awful quiet in that we only had Military working in our clinic, all the Civ’s were home.  The one thing that did happen though, even though it only lasted a few days, if it were to have extended past a payday, we would have been paid.

This time is much different.


“All military personnel will continue in normal duty status regardless of their affiliation with exempt or non-exempt activities,” says the draft planning guidance that was prepared for the services and defense agencies. “Military personnel will serve without pay until such time as Congress makes appropriated funds available to compensate them for this period of service.”

Troops would miss a payday only if the shutdown continues through April 1.

Defense civilian workers would be divided into two categories. “Essential” employees would be required to report to work even though they will not be paid; “nonessential” employees would be furloughed, according to the memo.

Troops and essential civilians who report for work without pay would receive back pay when government funding is restored. But whether furloughed civilians would receive back pay could depend on whether Congress specifically authorizes that, according to congressional aides who have been doing their own shutdown planning.

The memo, prepared in early March but never formally issued as guidance, attempts to spell out what defense missions would shut down and what would stay open in the event funding stops.

• Military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan will continue, including preparations for any units scheduled for deployment.

• Operations necessary for national security, safety of human life and protection of property will continue, but operations that don’t meet one of those three criteria will be “shut down in an orderly and deliberate fashion.”

• Recruiting offices, processing centers and basic training will remain operational.

• Emergency repairs and maintenance that cannot be deferred will be done on base facilities and housing.

• Medical and dental facilities will remain open, although elective surgery and procedures will be postponed. Suicide, substance abuse counseling and crisis intervention will continue.

• Dependents schools and education centers for service members will be open for use by private agencies for courses for which payment already has been made.

• Dining halls, gyms and child care centers will stay open.

• Base exchanges may remain open because they operate using nonappropriated funds. But commissaries, which are supported by taxpayer funds, may be closed, although the memo says military personnel might be assigned to replace furloughed civilians so the grocery stores could remain open.

I am so fed up with Congress.

This not only affects Active Duty Folks, but also Retiree’s and Veterans who receive benefits as well. (POST 9/11 GI BILL, and regular VA Payments.).

This just blows.


11 Responses to “If Government shuts down, Troops work, but no Pay”
  1. Shannon D Book says:

    This is such bullshit. I experienced the same thing in 1995. As an E-3 with a family. The funny part is that congress and all the cabinets will continue to get paid, and maybe even a raise. Just like in 1995. Stick a fork in me I’m soooo done.

  2. Alan Crook says:

    This is BS Congress got us into this mess why don’t they suck it up and go with out pay untill they fix the crap!

  3. Lucia H. says:

    As a current military spouse with a husband who is an E-3, no pay for us would be devastating. How do they expect for us to get food on the table? You can pay congressmen over $200,000/yr but you can pay my husband his small E-3 pay? Don’t understand it at all. We are trying now to save up what money we can…

  4. Hawaiianitedivah says:

    As a DOD for Pearl will also affect our family lives, childrens schools fee, transportation, bills and morgage or rent. This is a “IMPACT” on our family lives. I agree with, why not freeze their pay the one who makes “dollars” and leaves one ones who’s making nickels and dimes.

  5. Cindy says:

    Those in Congress… Government should go work for duty sake and wait for reimbursement. It is not fair. They need to get out of suits and dresses and go to work. Then they would know what a dollar earned feels like.nI am so sorry that this type of legislation takes place when our Loved Ones are Serving or have Served Our Country. These individuals are the last that should be cut! Cut Politicians Salaries and Pay Our Service Men and Women!

  6. S Nancy29 says:

    My husband is still fighting over there how do u think he is going to take it knowing his family is not going to be taken care of.they are willing to give their lives for our country and then they get the big FU this is out of control and when the bills need paid im going to tell them to go to congress to get the money…..

  7. Lev Lazinskiy says:

    I usually try to stay out of politics, and I could care less if someone is a democrat, republican, green party member, or whatever. nnThe fundamental function of the government is to ensure public safety, social services, etc. If they cannot pay their OWN staff, then they have officially failed in their mission – This is completely unacceptable. nnIf congress wants to bicker among themselves on who can cut the most out of the deficit, then they can do so until the cows come home. But, when it starts to effect the men and women who are out there defending their right to sit there and bicker – then it is crossing a very serious line. nn

  8. Tinahobbs says:

    so i dont get it you wrote on teh the bottom that this affects veterans who receive benefits as well, how does it affect us? it doesnt stop our pay because ive also read that veterans pay is considered property and back in the 1990s they made it to where that vet pay is not touchable as it is property of the veteran. so im confused? please put me in the light thank you.

  9. AARON Q says:


  10. AARON Q says:


  11. Aaron Q says:

    If the government fails to pay me, doesn’t this become a breach of contract?!nCan I go back to being a civilian?