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Saturday, May 25, 2024

If Government shuts down, Troops work, but no Pay

Having been through the Government shut down back in 1995, our clinic was awful quiet in that we only had Military working in our clinic, all the Civ’s were home.  The one thing that did happen though, even though it only lasted a few days, if it were to have extended past a payday, we […]

Read the names in the article. Remember who wants to shaft you..

I believe deep down in my heart, that anyone “VOTING” on military issues, must volunteer for a 15 month Deployment to IRAQ or AFGHANISTAN prior to being eligible to vote for us in the military. Get off your asses and see what is really going on.  Go sweat where we sweat, go miss your family […]


The AP has reported that Congress has passed the War Spending bill which includes the new GI BILL funding as well.  The Bill will also hwlp with funding the Folks who have been hit by the floods in the mid-west. Read Below. Bipartisan accord reached on war funding bill By Andrew Taylor – The Associated […]


If it was good for WWII, why in the same heck is it not good enough for us now? / D.C CBO: Better GI Bill would cut retention 16% By Rick Maze – Staff writer Posted : Friday May 9, 2008 10:49:14 EDT A new congressional report supports the Pentagon’s claims that vastly improved GI […]