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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

If Government shuts down, Troops work, but no Pay

Having been through the Government shut down back in 1995, our clinic was awful quiet in that we only had Military working in our clinic, all the Civ’s were home. ┬áThe one thing that did happen though, even though it only lasted a few days, if it were to have extended past a payday, we […]

Pay Raise Time of year..

From Stars and Stripes: WASHINGTON — Troops worldwide will receive a 3.9 percent pay raise starting on Thursday, but Defense Dept civilian employees working overseas will see only a 2.9 percent bump in their paychecks. Under rules outlined by the White House two weeks ago, all stateside civilian federal workers will receive a pay raise […]

CY 2009 Active Duty Enlisted Pay Scale with 3.9% increase.

Listed below is the Calendar Year 2009 Enlisted “BASE” pay scale. Remember this is for Active Duty! Tweet

Top enlisted Marines push corpsmen equal pay for deployments

Snagged this from Navytimes I am glad the Top Marine Enlisted Leaders are trying to look out for, us, IMHO the Navy “OFFICER” Leaders forget about those of us who serve with the Marine Corps. What do you think?? Leave a comment Below: When sailors deploy with Marine units, they live in the same conditions, […]