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Friday, June 21, 2024

Corpsman.com is looking for contributors, Help us Help you.


I know things have been slow here on Corpsman.com.  As the only guy who puts stuff up on the site for the readership, I would love to do it and discover stuff that everyone wants to read, I just don’t have the time, with being a Dad, Husband, and a Full time Student in college.

So, knowing this, I am putting out the word I am looking for weekly Contributors with access to your area on our blog.

You will also have Moderator access to your topic in the forums as well.

The requirement is that you write an article in your section twice a week.  We also ask that once a quarter you provide and article for the Scuttlebutt News.

I am also looking or a Techie, who can help me upgrade the front end of Corpsman.com.  Crazycajun would love to help us, but his life has taken off on retirement, and he’s extremely busy.  So if your in to coding, (HTML, CSS, JAVA, FLASH). Please contact me at the address below.

Areas for article submissions;

–Military Family News
–Navy Medical News
–Army Medical News
— Air Force Medical News
–Coast Guard Medical News
–National Guard Medical News
–Veterans News
–Entertainment News

If you have an idea for something else, please give me a holler.

You can contact me (Da-Chief) by emailing me at Email Da-Chief


Or contact me on Twitter @da_chief .

For those who want to help me out, I have 10 invites to spotify, I’m willing to  give them out. 🙂 That or Google Invites.. yeah, Bribery works..

Have a great Weekend everyone!! We are trying to dry out here in Southeastern Wisconsin (Watching Lightening as I am writing this.).


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