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Friday, June 21, 2024

Corpsman.com is looking for contributors, Help us Help you.

I know things have been slow here on Corpsman.com.  As the only guy who puts stuff up on the site for the readership, I would love to do it and discover stuff that everyone wants to read, I just don’t have the time, with being a Dad, Husband, and a Full time Student in college. […]

Another way to follow Corpsman.com? “FACEBOOK” How can you help?

Everyone is busy, we all have careers, lives, families, weekends etc. It can get a bit hectic trying to keep up with everything. It is especially hard on deployments with certain security restrictions for websites.  I know at times, Corpsman.com on some command websites, couldn’t be accessed.  (This was usually fixed with a phone call […]

Looking for Help, Seriously, looking for contributers for Corpsman.com

ALCON! We are seriously looking for contributors to Corpsman.com. If your interested in providing 1-3 articles a week and becoming a contributor to a section, Please email me ASAP. I can’t even sit at my desk right now, I injured my back and can only sit here if at all 10 minutes at a time. […]