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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Bib’s for Reservists Feb 2009

Here are all the Bibs for the United States Navy Reserves.

Now is the time to study, “DON’T WAIT!”
Most of the time, Reserve Scores are “PATHETIC”.

I can say this I spent 24 years taking care of you all as a FTS/TAR HM.

Take the time to study, I promise you if you do, knowing the scores usually cut, you “WILL” Be advanced.

I hate to be blunt, but sometimes being blunt helps.

Download em below.

Chief Exam, Feb 2009: february-2009-regular-exam-e7

E-6 Exam, Feb 2009: february-2009-regular-exam-e6

E-5 Exam, Feb 2009: february-2009-regular-exam-e5

E-4 Exam, Feb 2009: february-2009-regular-exam-e4

Remember these are for the RESERVES!!!
Good Luck!

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