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Saturday, May 25, 2024

AOTC # 84 “IT LIVES!!”

The reports of our demise have been…



Thanks to some generous users, they have stuck a cork in the sinking ship!

This is only temporary folks, and it was decided tonight on our show by “YOU” the users, that we will be coming up with a way for you all to contribute to the site to help us with costs.

I want to thank those who did donate tonight. I would name them, but I want to clear it with them prior to doing so.

The forums have been paid for.

This does not mean Corpsman.com is out of the woods, but we are alive for right now.

You can watch the show below.  Please leave comments as well below when done, or email me @ admin1@corpsman.com .  And I will repsond to your questions or comments.

Thanks to the entire Corpsman.com Community!!

Much Love..



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