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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Fundraising Update: $123.01 away… (Thanks Doc_D) for the advice!

Folks, We are 123.01 away.. Yeah I thought we were closer, but I had 2 bounced checks come through that I was counting on. The folks who have the issue, Please next time don’t write them if your not sure you have the $$.  I spoke with a user on the site to get an […]

Corpsman.com: It’s that time of the month again… Please Donate to Corpsman.com

October 5, 2010 by  
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Get your minds out of the gutter people!! Nope it’s that time of the month where I ask for donations for our site. If you like what we provide (3266 of you seem to!) how about donating to our site to keep it up and as great as it is, but also make changes when […]

AOTC # 84 “IT LIVES!!”

The reports of our demise have been… Well… Debunked.. Thanks to some generous users, they have stuck a cork in the sinking ship! This is only temporary folks, and it was decided tonight on our show by “YOU” the users, that we will be coming up with a way for you all to contribute to […]