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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Our “Question of the Day” “Do you have to take Leave on Official Pack-Outs or are you granted Liberty?”

October 20, 2010 by  
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Question of the Day

Question of the Day

A member of our forums emailed me this question this morning.

It seems, that his LPO is asking him to take leave for his “Official” pack-out.

This after his Term leave and everything has been setup, you all know what kind of a hassle that can be if it is changed with PSD.

Now to be fair, this Petty Officer has filed a grievance with his LPO prior to this, I don’t know how it turned out nor do I care..

My Question is,

“Do you have to take leave?”

Is there an official instruction?

Leave a comment below..

BTW, my response is quoted below, but please leave a comment.


Here is what I would do, I would run a chit asking for Liberty on the day of your packout.  I would then ask if it could be run up to the CO, as is your right, and it has to get up there ASAP.

If you don’t get a response back asap, I would ask to speak to your Chief and if so go up to the CMC.

If they are saying that for you, the answer is leave, there has to be a precedent for the command.  If no one else has to take leave then it can be construed as them treating you unfairly.

Mind you be courteous, and also above all else take notes.

Understand as well it’s your right to go to talk to your CMC, if your CPO is not helping you out.

Your gonna piss folks off, so what,  you don’t wake up next to them and your about out anyways..



Thanks everyone!


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