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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Corpsmen save crash victims

4/6/2012  By Cpl. Mark W. Stroud  , Marine Corps Bases Japan  CAMP DELARAM II, Afghanistan  — Two corpsmen were recognized for saving the lives of mass-casualty victims during a ceremony here March 28.Petty Officer 1st Class Louis Bismonte and Petty Officer 2nd Class Frederick B. Ehlers were awarded Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals for their life-saving […]

AOTC #95 “The Nations Yacht Club Birthday” Happy Birthday USN!

Yeah it’s taken me a while, for this I apologize. I could not plan for the crud, picking off my kids one after another this week, finally hit Court today.  Gads.. This episode is sponsored by the “VAMortagageCenter.COM”  Please click the links on our site if your looking into using your VA benifits to purchase […]

TRAIN OUR JUNIOR DOC’S! Don’t stick em in ADMIN Positions! SOAPBOX TIME!

Out of the Woodwork came Doc’s from all over to help one Deploying Doc, Thank you! Thanks to all who heard the call yesterday and came on our forums or left comments for the Doc who just found out he was deploying to Afghanistan. It’s not that he was scared of the deployment for himself, […]

Our “Question of the Day” “Do you have to take Leave on Official Pack-Outs or are you granted Liberty?”

October 20, 2010 by  
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A member of our forums emailed me this question this morning. It seems, that his LPO is asking him to take leave for his “Official” pack-out. This after his Term leave and everything has been setup, you all know what kind of a hassle that can be if it is changed with PSD. Now to […]

Oh Shi-, Help! (Corpsman.com Forums Post)

I am publishing this post as it was asked on our forums.  It’s a good question, and SpykeCOD has received some valuable advice from his shipmates and those who have deployed before him. Here’s the question: Good Afternoon from US Naval Hospital Guam, Today I was pulled into my Chief’s room to be told I’ve […]

No AOTC tonight, due to family issues (Read: Daughter Sick)

I will reschedule later on this week.  Really it’s ok as I have not been able to mix the last one and get it up on ITUNES. I will probably do that tonight instead.  Migranes are so hard on kids. They Suck, coming from a person who get’s them, I can vouch for the pain. […]

A Sad Sad Day… One of our own, the Ultimate Betrayal

I was hoping it would be found there as a snafu. I was hoping someone would step up and say we screwed up, he’s “NOT GUILTY”. My hopes were dashed. One of our own plead guilty to falsifying documents etc, and wore a Purple Heart, a award he never was awarded. He was a Navy […]

Looks Like I struck a Nerve with the HM3 FTS community..”GOOD”

Here is the email I recieved.. I will block the name as… It was sent direct to me.  Kudo’s to him for starting this conversation, he has “GUMPTION” not smart’s but Gumption.. I will post his email then I will post my response.. Da-Chief, Not to sound rude, and correct me if i’m wrong, but […]

Wounded Sailor Gets Promoted

August 25, 2008 by  
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Wounded Sailor Gets Promoted by FORCM(FMF) Laura A. Martinez James A Healy Veterans Administration Hospital, Tampa, FL— On Monday 4 August 2008, the MCPON and I, along with HMCM Terry Prince, Headquarters, Marine Corps, participated in the advancement ceremony of HM2 Anthony Thompson. HM2 Thompson is presently apatient at the James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital, […]

Iraq: U.S. Fighters to be Disarmed???

WTF?? If this is what is going to happen, it is time to get our folks out of that god forsaken crap hole ASAP.  I don’t want any of our folks there if they cannot fire back or carry a weapon. From the AP, Read Below: BAGHDAD — Iraq’s government is grateful to U.S.-allied Sunni […]