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Monday, March 4, 2024

AOTC #71 “We Got New Blood!, New Reserve, FTS CPO’s”

BOOK IT!! STAB IT AND SLAB IT!! AOTC #71 is done! 8404 and Da-Chief hosted the show this AM.  You can download or listen at the bottom of this post, or you can subscribe to our show on ITUNES. The Links to our show are listed below.. Enjoy! USN FTS and Reserve CPO results for […]

AOTC #71 “We Got New Blood!, New Reserve, FTS CPO’s” Recording Live Sunday 1115 EST

That’s Right!! Da-Chief and 8404 are back Sunday, “BETTER” then ever for all our homies!! 😉 Hope to see/hear from you!! Same Bat Channel: http://www.corpsman.com/corpsman-com-live.html Same Bat-Time: 1115 EST/1015 CST Come Visit while we record live! Da-Chief