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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

PRP Changes, You had better be educated!


— A NAVADMIN released Sept. 29 emphasized the Navy’s exceptional progress in attaining
a culture of fitness and announces several policy revisions to strengthen the Navy Physical Readiness Program(PRP).

“Navy Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) failures have decreased more than 50 percent over the past four years. We’re really seeing a change in culture and change in lifestyle. Better fitness ultimately leads to better quality of life, better performance and better readiness,” said Rear Adm. Daniel P. Holloway, director, Manpower, Personnel, Training and Education, N13.

In recent years, the Navy has made significant strides in helping sailors achieve a culture of fitness. The addition of elliptical and stationary bike options for the cardio portion of the PFA was welcomed by many sailors. A General Military Training (GMT) program on NKO in 2008 provides sailors greater insight for physical training and preparing for the PFA. Most recently, an official PT uniform was adopted around the fleet.

“Since 2005, the Navy has made significant strides to support and encourage physical fitness,” said Holloway, citing the addition of new testing options, which include the elliptical and stationary bike. “The majority of Navy personnel performs the PFA semi-annually and can easily meet or exceed the minimum physical fitness standards. I challenge each of you to continue the excellent progress we’ve made to improve Navy’s overall physical fitness for the improved health and readiness of the force.”

The new NAVADMIN builds on the Navy’s culture of fitness and supports the rigors of shipboard life, global missions and individual augmentees, according to Holloway. The changes announced in NAVADMIN 277/08 include: Effective Oct. 1, 2008, unless the most recent PFA was passed; sailors who have failed two PFAs in the past three years shall not be assigned to overseas,
pre-commissioning, instructor duty, special programs billets, or Global War on Terror (GWOT)Support Assignments (GSA). Special programs billets include recruit division Commander, recruiting duty, joint duty and Washington D.C. staff.

Additionally, individuals who have not passed the current PFA and have failed three times in four years, will not be allowed a short term extension for the purpose of passing the PFA.

Software upgrades to the Physical Readiness Information Management System (PRIMS) will allow commands to enter all waivers, including current progress and readiness waivers. Commands are required to enter all PFA waivers into PRIMS. Current waivers must be entered no later than Dec. 15, 2008. This upgrade will allow the Navy to track the progress of sailors who need administrative separation processing due to multiple PFA failures. Effective Oct. 1, 2009 the Navy will discontinue waivers for progress. The present requirement for processing for administrative separations (ADSEP) for three PFA failures within a four-year period remains.

For more information read NAVADMIN 277/08, posted on the NPC Web site at www.npc.navy.mil.


2 Responses to “PRP Changes, You had better be educated!”
  1. 8404 says:

    This is an excellent policy and a long time in coming. No more excuses, no more waivers!

  2. 8404 says:

    This is an excellent policy and a long time in coming. No more excuses, no more waivers!