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Sunday, April 21, 2024

TRAIN OUR JUNIOR DOC’S! Don’t stick em in ADMIN Positions! SOAPBOX TIME!

Out of the Woodwork came Doc’s from all over to help one Deploying Doc, Thank you! Thanks to all who heard the call yesterday and came on our forums or left comments for the Doc who just found out he was deploying to Afghanistan. It’s not that he was scared of the deployment for himself, […]

Happy New Year Prayer to all my fellow Doc’s, Vets, Famlies and Recruits..

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We want to wish you all a Happy New Year for 2009.  Let 2009 bring Peace to our fighting men and women, and may it bring them home safely to their families and Friends. The Corpsman.com Staff Tweet

PRP Changes, You had better be educated!

MILLINGTON, Tenn. (NNS) — A NAVADMIN released Sept. 29 emphasized the Navy’s exceptional progress in attaining a culture of fitness and announces several policy revisions to strengthen the Navy Physical Readiness Program(PRP). “Navy Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) failures have decreased more than 50 percent over the past four years. We’re really seeing a change in […]

FORCM Navy Hospital Corps update for 02 September 2008

Download the info: Here: **More Navy Doc Goodness from the FORCM!! Landlord Foreclosure info **CPO Re-balancing for newly minted CPO’s (I.e your moving!) Welcome to the CPO CRAZYTRAIN! **IA info (Individual Augmentation) Update **SRB, NEC Manning, and other goodness.. We will be discussing all of this, tomorrow night (Wednesday 03 Sept 2008) on our Attack […]

Iraq: U.S. Fighters to be Disarmed???

WTF?? If this is what is going to happen, it is time to get our folks out of that god forsaken crap hole ASAP.  I don’t want any of our folks there if they cannot fire back or carry a weapon. From the AP, Read Below: BAGHDAD — Iraq’s government is grateful to U.S.-allied Sunni […]

Airline Baggage Problems!!!

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Ohh.. This is classic.. Enjoy!! Tweet

Top enlisted Marines push corpsmen equal pay for deployments

Snagged this from Navytimes I am glad the Top Marine Enlisted Leaders are trying to look out for, us, IMHO the Navy “OFFICER” Leaders forget about those of us who serve with the Marine Corps. What do you think?? Leave a comment Below: When sailors deploy with Marine units, they live in the same conditions, […]

FORCM For Navy Hospital Corps update for 18 August 2008

“From the Desk of the BUMED FORCE MASTER CHIEF” and Director of the Hospital Corps 18 August 2008 forcm_18_aug_2008_files 1. LANDLORD FORECLOSURES Please review the attached info sheet landlord foreclosures. This should provide some relief for Sailors who are in a situation where their landlord forecloses, and the Sailor or Sailors family is forced to […]

Welcome to Corpsman.com Version 3.0!!

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We are the #1 site for all Doc’s in the United States Military. We are a site for Doc’s run by Doc’s. We are back up online with Version 3.0. CrazyCajun has been working on this upgrade for 2 months. Drop him a line and thank him! You will find quite a bunch of new […]