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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Looking for a “Experienced” 68W who would like to be involved with Corpsman.com.

We are looking for a 68W with at least 7-10 years of service who would like to be involved with Corpsman.com.

We are not neglecting our Army bretheran, it’s really just the issue that the majority of us are “Corpsman” or are related to HM”s.

We want to have more info for our Army Medic’s out there.  You deserve it.

If you would like to help out here and get the word out for your MEDIC community, please drop me a line @ admin1@corpsman.com so we can touch base.

Understand I need to get a feel for someone prior to letting them have reign on here to post stories.  We would will setup a interview with you via Skype with myself, 8404 and CrazyCajun, and DeeDee to make sure you want and can fit into our team.

Also remember we are not a product of the DEPT of Defense.  This is a site purely run on our dime etc.   You will be subject to the UCMJ though for editorial Content, our way to make sure all is kosher is to have you pass your stories by your PAO prior to us posting.
We hope to hear from some of you hard chargers!!


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