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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

2 Army Medics KIA In IRAQ, Sgt. Emilio Campo Jr, Spc. Robert P. Hartwick

We lost 2 Heroes in the attack in Iraq earlier this week. It has been a while since we have lost “ANYONE” in this godforsaken land, but to lose 2 Doc’s in one attack, hits all of us hard. Sometimes I wish we could evac everyone out in these 2 places and drop a glass […]

AOTC #95 “The Nations Yacht Club Birthday” Happy Birthday USN!

Yeah it’s taken me a while, for this I apologize. I could not plan for the crud, picking off my kids one after another this week, finally hit Court today.  Gads.. This episode is sponsored by the “VAMortagageCenter.COM”  Please click the links on our site if your looking into using your VA benifits to purchase […]

TRAIN OUR JUNIOR DOC’S! Don’t stick em in ADMIN Positions! SOAPBOX TIME!

Out of the Woodwork came Doc’s from all over to help one Deploying Doc, Thank you! Thanks to all who heard the call yesterday and came on our forums or left comments for the Doc who just found out he was deploying to Afghanistan. It’s not that he was scared of the deployment for himself, […]

No AOTC tonight, due to family issues (Read: Daughter Sick)

I will reschedule later on this week.  Really it’s ok as I have not been able to mix the last one and get it up on ITUNES. I will probably do that tonight instead.  Migranes are so hard on kids. They Suck, coming from a person who get’s them, I can vouch for the pain. […]

4 Die in Air Force Medevac Crash in Afghanistan

All, I have said before and will say it again, it is hard as heck to get info about the Air Force for our site.  But I wanted to recognize these heroes who gave their all in support of the Medevac mission in Afghanistan. 6/11/2010 – WASHINGTON (AFNS) — Department of Defense officials announced June […]

Looking for a “Experienced” 68W who would like to be involved with Corpsman.com.

We are looking for a 68W with at least 7-10 years of service who would like to be involved with Corpsman.com. We are not neglecting our Army bretheran, it’s really just the issue that the majority of us are “Corpsman” or are related to HM”s. We want to have more info for our Army Medic’s […]

Happy New Year Prayer to all my fellow Doc’s, Vets, Famlies and Recruits..

January 1, 2009 by  
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We want to wish you all a Happy New Year for 2009.  Let 2009 bring Peace to our fighting men and women, and may it bring them home safely to their families and Friends. The Corpsman.com Staff Tweet


Congrats to all! –D/C Sgt., staff sgt. selections: September Promotion point information maintained by Human Resources Command indicates the following active component soldiers are eligible for promotion to sergeant and staff sergeant on Sept. 1. To confirm promotion eligibility, soldiers should contact their battalion S1, personnel services battalion or military person¬nel division. The promotable soldiers […]

Iraq: U.S. Fighters to be Disarmed???

WTF?? If this is what is going to happen, it is time to get our folks out of that god forsaken crap hole ASAP.  I don’t want any of our folks there if they cannot fire back or carry a weapon. From the AP, Read Below: BAGHDAD — Iraq’s government is grateful to U.S.-allied Sunni […]

How does he look so Young??

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Ernest Borgnine is 91 years old.. he shares his secret how he looks so young!! I don’t think he is going blind if he is 91 years old!! HAH! D/C Tweet