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Saturday, May 25, 2024

AOTC#98, Support Corpsman.com in the Month of December!–Final

We only had 4 folks show up for the taping, but my stats show that 178 folks downloaded our netcast from last week.  This is awesome, I understand that everyone can’t be on when we tape, but you can download the podcast or listen to it here.   You can download it on ITUNES, Subscriber […]

AOTC #98 Thursday Night. Hope you will be there!

WHAT: Corpsman.com AOTC (Attack of Da-Chief) When: Thursday Night @ 2130 EST. Where: Corpsman.com here or on Justin.tv :  http://justin.tv/corpsman_com We will be discussing the news and anything that you the users of Corpsman.com bring up.  Email us your questions or attach a Audio clip to your message (mp3) and we will attempt to answer […]