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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Scuttlebutt Forum Chat & Netcast updates

Greetings fellow Doc’s, Vets, Family Members and Recruits!

I know there are a lot of new folks on the site of late.  How do I know this? Because in the forums we are getting asked the same questions over and over again.

In our forums we have a thousands and I mean THOUSANDS of posts that ask questions of all kinds.  With these questions there are “THOUSANDS” of answers.

But you have to use the “SEARCH” function inside.

Now we don’t want you to quit asking questions, we love them all, it’s just that we (Myself, 8404, DeeDee, CrazyCajun) receive some pretty testy emails if we don’t answer lickity-Split, when the answer was there all along for you.

But say you do a search, and you still can’t find the answer you need.

We offer 2 times a week, where you will be “GUARANTEED” to get one of the staff members online, Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

Tuesday nights are our Scuttlebutt forums E-Club Chat night.  DeeDee, or myself, or 8404 or Crazycajun host a online chat from 2100-2300 EST each Tuesday night excluding the holiday season.  We man the room to answer any and all questions.  If we can’t give you the answer right there and then, it is only becuase we are researching the “CORRECT” answer for you.  So come on in and see our Customer service staff.  We’ll leave the light on for you.  Even if you just want to say “HEY-O”…

But say you don’t like online chats.. you feel better verbally asking a question.

We have the setup for you as well!

Every Wednesday night @ approx: 2100 EST we host “ATTACK OF DA-CHIEF” which is a Live Netcast recorded via the Talkshoe network. This Show is hosted by myself “Da-Chief” as well as 8404, DeeDee, and 0311_Doc.  What is nice about this show, if you register for free and subscribe to us on Talkshoe, you can call in via the internet or via phone to ask questions or just to say “HEY”.  This weeks show will start at 2130 as once a month I have a meeting with our School FSA (PTA) where I am the Secretary.

To find out more about this show goto our Corpsman.com Live page @ http://www.corpsman.com/corpsman_com_live.html and hit the talkshoe plugin.  You can listen to us or any of our shows at anytime on this page.  You can also subscribe to our show via ITUNES just search “CORPSMAN.COM, or Attack of Da-Chief” and you can get our show loaded automatically via ITUNES.

Understand when we record, it is live, I usually finish the product in post production after.  This usually takes about 1-2 days.  But if you want to hear us live.. this is the way to do it..

So, you now have the “411” on how to get info from us..

1. Via Forums
2. Via Forums E-Club Chat hosted on Tuesday Nights 2100-2300
3. Via Attack of Da-Chief, hosted on Wednesday Nights from 2100-2300 unless FSA meeting.

Hope to see you at one or all of them.


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