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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

AOTC #54 Final is up, and so is the video

Attack of Da-Chief #54 Final has been cleaned up and put to bed. This was a outstanding show in that it was our first to be able to provide video to you all as well. You can now listen to us or see us on 3 different areas. For Audio only you can listen on […]

AOTC #53 Final is now live

Download the episode here: AOTC #53 “ORDERS” Recorded: 11 Feb 2009 Live from the Corpsman.com Live Network Hosts: Da-Chief & 8404 Bandwidth Provided by: the Talkshoe.com Network. You can subscribe to Attack of Da-Chief by looking up Keyword “ATTACK OF DA-CHIEF” on I-TUNES, to receive our netcast automatically every week. Thanks for your support! D/C […]

AOTC #49 is finally up and final!

January 22, 2009 by  
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Episode #49 is up and finally final. You can download it via ITunes or Here: Episode 49. Remember we record Live Wednesday Nights @ 2100 EST. D/C Podcast: Play in new window | Download (31.6MB)Tweet

End of the year Netcast Live tonight 2100-2300 EST Attack of Da-Chief

December 18, 2008 by  
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For ol’ aquaintence be denied.. It’s the end of the year Netcast.. This is a pure BS netcast for our staff and for anyone that wants to call in.  Got a oppinion? Bring it.. We will be taking your calls live on our Attack of Da-Chief Netcast. 2100-2300 EST. Come join us! D/C Tweet

When it Rains it Pours!!

November 20, 2008 by  
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UPDATE: 2055 CST: We are up on Talkshoe now!! Please hit the talkshoe Link below to get to the show site to ask questions. Thanks!–D/C When it rains it pours.. Talkshoe is not working.. If you are on to ask questions of us.. Please go to our E-Club Chat room in here in our Forums.. […]

ATACK OF DA-CHIEF!! Live tonight!! 2110-2310 EST!!

TONIGHT! LIVE!! Da-Da-Dahhhhh…. I your “OUTSTANDING NAVY CHIEF HOST” will be broadcasting live in our Corpsman.com HQ bringing you all the “Enlisted DOC NEWS” you need to know!! Heck, I’ll even let you call in!! Go to our Talkshoe page sign up for a free account and you can call into our show.. Corpsman.com Talkshoe […]

Aotc #36 Online now!! (Cleaned Up Version)

Hey all! I have re-mixed last nights broadcast and you can download it now. Download it here: ATTACK OF DA-CHIEF #36 We say goodbye to HM3 Eichmann A. Strickland as well as Congratulate all the newly minted Navy CPO’s. If your a Service member or you have a service member who will be deployed or […]

Corpsman.com LIVE tonight #36 Attack of Da-Chief

Ok so you have nothing to do tonight.. It’s Wednesday after all, no football, Pro or College..your sitting at home picking the lint out from your toes…. Boooorrrrrriiinnngggg How about some excitement.. How about listening and getting involved in the taping of our “LIVE” Attack of Da-Chief Netcast? You can do it tonight, 2110-TBD at […]


Folks we were due to record a netcast tonight.  We are going to have to re-sched our NETCAST scheduled for tonight to later this week. Some road construction was being done on our block and a truck backed into our Cable connection on our block. I am right now writing from a coffee shop.  Hopefully […]

NETCAST: Corpsman.com Attack of Da-Chief #32

Hey everyone! You can download Corpsman.com Attack of Da-Chief #32 “HERE” I will upload the show notes tomorrow as I am dead tired now. Hosts: Da-Chief, DeeDee, Tony, Kaymanism Guest: Richard Next week Wednesday, we have locked down a Recruiter for the entire show, HM1 Allen So next week 2000 CST!! You can also subscribe […]

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