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Friday, June 21, 2024

Attack of Da-Chief Episode #31 Live tonight!

Attack of da-Chief tonight!!! 2100 EST (9:00 EST for you Civ’s) Listen here : http://is.gd/14KA Hope to see/Hear from you! Come join in!! Listen here : http://is.gd/14KA Da-Chief Tweet

Attack of Da-Chief # 29, 29 July 2008

July 30, 2008 by  
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Hey all!! You can download Attack of Da-Chief “Here” And you can download the Shownotes Here: 29_jul_08_aotc_notes Enjoy!!! See you next week. D/C Podcast: Play in new window | Download (56.8MB)Tweet

Corpsman.com “Attack of Da-Chief” Episode #27 Taped and in the Can!

It’s DONE!!! You can listen live on our Corpsman.com Live page, or you can go to our Talkshoe page to call into our show. Just to listen Click Corpsman.com Live or You can go to our Talkshoe Page If you don’t have the time, you can download our Mp3 page on our site or you […]

You Call that a “NETCAST”????

In a word “NO!”. Murphy’s Law was working overtime in “TURBO” mode for me tonight. Let me set the stage for you….. It was “NOT” a dark and stormy night, the weather was great, soft winds.. all was good, and Karen told me to get buy a directX 10 card tonight for a great deal.  […]

Attack of Da-Chief-Episode #24–BROADCASTED LIVE 17 June 2008

Go to the Corpsman.com Live Page, hit the link above, you can listen live with the talk Shoe Plugin, or Join Talkshoe for free and you can call into the show! Download Episode #24 “HERE” Show notes for Episode #23 “HERE” Hosts: Da-Chief, 8404, DeeDee Interview: Doc-Pardue–PTSD info. Thanks for listening!! Please think about Sponsoring […]

AOTC #23 “STEAMY” Hosts: Da-Chief, Dee Dee Reno

We hope you enjoy this Netcast which was recorded on Tuesday, June 10th 2008. Hosts: Da-Chief and Dee Dee Reno. You can download the .mp3 file Here: atoc #23 And the Show notes Here: atoc #23 Shownotes You can also subscribe to our Netcast via I-Tunes, Look up Keyword Corpsman, and you can subscribe to […]

Corpsman.com Chat Tuesday Night (TONIGHT) from 2100-2300 EST & May Newsletter info

May 20, 2008 by  
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20 May 2008 Dee Dee Needs submissions!! Plus Chat tonight!! Shipmates, Soldiers, Marines, Coasties, Airmen, Vets, Parents, Spouses, Significant others.. (Could not think of what to call you, ?? Come up with a better term please!) 😉 Chat tonight from 2100-2300 EST in our Scuttlebutt Chat area in our forums. You have to be logged […]


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Well one thing about running a site like this you always are on a learning curve. Sunday night I taped (Or tried to!) a netcast that went for about a hour. I put out a lot of Navy info as well as information about the new Corpsman.com 3.0 upgrade. Or so I thought….. It seems […]

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